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About Cel Telecom :

CEL Telecom Limited is a licensed International Gateway Operator (IGW), and a premium telecom service provider, determined by innovation and dedication to excellence. Since its inauguration in April 2012, CEL Telecom Limited aims at gaining the trust of its partners and aims at reaching its goals by providing reliable, quality services that is marked with continuous improvement and innovation. We believe this company will gradually move towards gradual growth and build a remarkable market reputation. CEL Telecom Limited has a vision to be the nation’s BEST international Voice carrier through flawless scalability that will enable our customers’ satisfaction. CEL Telecom has started its journey with a mission to spread out international telecommunication services which ensure quality.
Our focus is to engage in long-term, sustainable partnerships with our customers throughout the world and ensure 24-hr round the year support services. Telco-grade Dialogic equipment, state of the art wholesale Alaris Labs billing system has made our networking robust and highly reliable. With our points of presence in Singapore and UK, we are committed to maintain a service level equal to none. Transmitting voices around the clock is our sole priority. The voices that we carry around the world are often stories of life, culture, traditions and human connections.
CEL Telecom offers voice interconnection service to all the mobile operators, fixed line operators, wholesale and retail carriers of the world. We provide premium CLI termination to Bangladesh and also outbound traffic from Bangladesh to the rest of world as regulated by the Bangladesh Telecom Regulatory Commission (BTRC). The 2 International Transmission Point of presence are strategically located at Epsilon, London; Equinix, Singapore with connectivity to carriers originating calls from all corners of the globe provide flexibility and redundancy to ensure continuous flow of traffic. Direct connections to major carriers and countries assure a great degree of reliability with a very high ASR (Answer Seizure Rate), and ACD (Average Call Duration) and equally high network efficiency.

Our Aim:

Our aim is to ensure un-interrupted and cost effective solutions to our customers.

Organizational Chart of CEL Telecom Ltd :

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